Beware Of the Annual Records Solicitation Scam in Utah

December 08, 2016 By Administrator

The State of Utah Department of Commerce has issued a warning regarding an annual records solicitation scam.

Utah businesses have been receiving misleading letters from the “Utah Council of Corporations,” an unknown entity masking itself as a State governmental agency. The letters ask their prey to send $150 to them for an annual records fee, along with a bogus annual records solicitation form.

The letter has raised significant concern throughout the State of Utah. Department of Commerce Executive Director Francine A. Giani stated,

“With Utah’s reputation as the best state for business, it is extremely concerning that a company would look to profit off those businesses who are supporting and growing our state economy.”

We at Cook Martin are posting this information to help inform our clients and other business owners of the matter.

Submitting the form and associated fee will not satisfy the State Division of Corporations and Commercial Code filing requirements.

Please contact us or the State of Utah Division of Corporations & Commercial Code directly for further clarification and assistance with this issue.

The full media alert follows. 

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